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Anonymous asked: Let's call your 'unpopular opinions' by their true name. How about 'shallow commentary that was done clumsily right after coming back from the theatre'. But hey, if you're missing out on good movies and good times, it's your loss.

This “shallow” commentary wasn’t done right after returning from the theater, but rather at the end of 2011/beginning of 2012 (after I had even attempted to see some of the films multiple times). Also, I saw all of the films I discussed, so I clearly wasn’t missing out on any of the movies listed, and I definitely enjoyed watching them, just not for the same reasons as you most likely did. Just because your OPINION doesn’t agree with mine, doesn’t mean I’m any less entitled to voice mine. I don’t know which film or actor I may have posted about that offended you, but if you don’t like what I have to say, you don’t have to continue to read it. Plain and simple. I can say what I want about any film, at any time. My commentary may of come across as “shallow” or vague by your standards, but that is probably only because those films really didn’t, in my OPINION, deserve to be looked at with any further depth. I appreciate your feedback, though, and hope you can maybe agree with some of my movie postings in the future, if you so choose to read them :)

Also, for the record, I would be more than happy to freely discuss any differing opinions in a polite and civil manner, but I cannot treat someone with immense amounts of respect if they cannot respect the opinions and material I publish. I would also be happy to have private conversations and address any concerns or criticisms with any person who drops me a message as a user, and not as an ANON.

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