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2011 Movie List: Films I ABSOLUTELY Hated (unpopular opinions are sure to be found)…


  • I found this movie to be boring, overdone, and lacking in the CG department. Tom Felton played an American Draco Malfoy, and James Franco was pretty high through most of the movie (I’m certain of it). I personally thought all of the apes and animals looked fake, which was a major distracting factor. Andy Serkis was really the only good thing about this movie, but his skill at portraying animals via CG suits could only carry this film so far. We spent a majority of the film laughing, facepalming, and pondering why on earth we had gone to seen it in the first place. We also couldn’t resist shouting “LATIKAAAAA!” once….or twice….


  • To preface: I’m a Marvel fangirl. I’m also a Kenneth Branagh fangirl. When I discovered Branagh had been selected to direct THOR, I rejoiced! I was so excited to see this film, I insisted on going to a midnight showing. I didn’t even get 15 minutes into the movie before realizing that they’d made a huge mistake. The 3D was shoddy, and really added nothing to the film. The story fell flat, and a very talented cast got lost in a film too full of dialogue and lacking solidly good action. There is always a balance in these superhero films, and unfortunately the filmmakers didn’t quite maintain this. It was a massive disappointment, and, in a summer of truly stellar “hero” pics, it got swept under the rug.


  • True Facts: This movie was slow. I fell asleep in the middle of it, and woke up when the mermaids were talking. I realized I didn’t know what was going on, so I took another power nap in order to see the end of the movie. This is a classic example of Disney trying to capitalize on a profitable franchise, and failing to produce a film that lives up to it’s predecessors (not that the standard was super high after the second film). 


  • Great in theory, poor in execution. Needed more Hamm, and less Hudgens.


  • I don’t understand who watches Mad Men and thinks it is a good idea to cast January Jones as a lead in a film. Her stoic acting absolutely DESTROYED what could of been a very decent film. She bored me to the point of disinterest, and I only stayed in the theater to see how the film resolved, out of some morbid curiosity. 


  • Jason Segel couldn’t even save this film. Awkward and forced, beginning to end.


  • I really thought it was going to be Night at the Museum in a zoo. I was wrong. It stunk as bad as those animals probably smelled. Toilet humor and talking animals will only get you so far. I had to leave in order to get to work on time, but I still could care less how the movie ended (for the record, I actually don’t know how it ended).


  • I love a poorly executed Nicholas Cage film as much as the next person, but this film just ultimately fell flat. Ron Pearlman is a boss, and even he couldn’t keep me from laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of this film. The accents, graphics, and story were just bad. Nic obviously needed some cash, and fast. 


  • This film is a lie. Plain and simple. False advertising at it’s best.


  • Darth Maul hangs out in a house where a boy is “haunted” and “possessed.” Patrick Wilson looks attractive, and everyone remains bored throughout the film. It had a few solid jumps, but was actually a comedy. I laughed through the whole last act.


  • Number one because it was the biggest disappointment of 2011. I expected it to be STELLAR, and what I got was 2 hours of my life stolen from me. The cast was exceptionally attractive, and the acting was great, but the film bored me to tears. Several times I glared at my fellow movie-goers, just to see if they were as miserable as I was.

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2011 Movie List: Films Improved By A Good Drink, and Some Good Friends

  • A worthy addition to the popular franchise (of which I am a very big fan), and a definite improvement from the second film, “Guantanamo Bay.” The film takes place a few years later, and the premise is that Harold and Kumar are no longer best friends, because one grows up, and the other refuses to. I think it will definitely be a Christmas staple in years to come (if you want a crazy comedy night, do a double feature of Bad Santa and this film - you really won’t regret it). I laughed, I cried, and I once again found myself exclaiming (several times) “KAL PENN IS ATTRACTIVE.” Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka steal the show.

  • There are some films that are so bad that, even in your slightly intoxicated state, you realize they are just bad. Immortals is one of those films. I couldn’t tell you what the movie is about, as I really found myself not caring pretty early on. I remember there were shirtless men, some pretty decent special effects/fight scenes, Mickey Rourke (who terrified me), and Latika from Slumdog Millionaire (and for the record, we did feel the need to semi-shout this the first time she appeared on screen - “LATIKKKKAAAAAAAAAA”). The film was so forgettable that I have no want nor desire to see it again (save the shirtless men). I would say it’s very entertaining if you are not sober, but most likely boring or just average if you are.

  • Let it be known: I’m a GLEE fan (although, recently, I have been re-evaluating this as of late) who travelled to Boston last summer to see GLEE:LIVE. Naturally, I was excited to see the film. Seeing as I had seen the show, I did not feel the need to go in completely level-headed. I flailed, danced, and was mildly ashamed of my behavior (seeing as all the other people were stone-faced and just sat there. I was going to jam - I didn’t care what everyone else thought in that moment). I loved the concert bits, but found the “real life glee helped me” stories to be a jarring disruption, and I was BEYOND pissed they cut some of the best numbers from the concert (Dog Days, anyone?). I was also really kind of upset that they cut these numbers in favor of a performance by Gwyneth Paltrow (I love her, but they could of added so many things that weren’t her singing). I saw the movie again a week later, and still really liked it, but that may of just been a testament to my nostalgia for the show (and the trip to Boston).

  • The first time I saw HP 7 pt. 2, it was everything I had wanted it to be. The second time we saw it was a snap decision after spending some time out celebrating my belated birthday. We saw it in 3D the second time (we went 2D the first time because we were all nervous about post-conversion, and we didn’t want to cheapen or lessen the film experience). I was definitely terrified by the dragon busting out of gringotts (so terrified, in fact, that I took off my 3D glasses and shouted). The 3D was very, very cool, but ultimately unnecessary. The film still kicked tail, and I still cried. Twice.

  • I love this movie so much, I named my cat Nala (as an aside, my cat’s name is Simba. We had a bit of a gender misunderstanding). Naturally, I was beyond thrilled to see the movie. The name of the film first appeared on the screen, and I sobbed. My friends were concerned. We proceeded to sing-along, cry, jam, and act a fool. What was amazing about this? We were in a theater full of college kids, who were laughing, smiling, and jamming (respectfully, of course). This film stands the test of time, and I will defend it until the bitter end.

  • Hilarious. The filmmakers obviously did not intend for people to watch it in a sober state. It is absolutely ridiculous, but very quotable. I’m still trying to figure out why Natalie Portman decided to do the movie, but I’m not going to question it. I have not watched it since I originally saw it, and I HIGHly doubt I would like it if I were to see it again. I’ve opted to remember it was funny, and I have no desire to see if it actually is. 

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